Sunday, September 12, 2004

Not just Ambridge...

It's not only the Archers who had a village do with lots of scarecrows (effigies, really) around this weekend. My village did too.

A Flower-pot man, like Bill, or Ben.

This was the first cool and dry weekend for ages, so my first priority was trying to hack the garden back into some semblance of control, so I filled the green bin, hacking back out of control jasmine; and have another amount of lawn rakings, and another of hedge trimmings, plus the 90% of the iris from the pond that was surplus and still it comes. So my only interaction, apart from listening to music wafting from the jazz yesterday evening, was with the various scarecrows around.

So I tried out my recently acquired (second-hand) digital camera on some of the scarecrows made for the event, just as light was fading on the Sunday. I only had the 10-image card in, so I had to be selective. That meant I mssed the bridal patry, the golliwogs' croquet, any number of legs sticking out of hedges, or from under cars or out of their bonnets, and the builder not quite falling off his ladder. This was my own idiosyncratic sampling.

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