Saturday, September 25, 2004

Anime — Serial Experiments Lain (spoilers)

Back in the spring I categorised this as low key cyberpunk weirdness on the strength of the first disk (eps 1-4). The later disks turn the weidness up to 11.

It seemed to me that as the story went on there was a bit of casting around for what the underlying plot might be. After Layer 06 (Kids), I thought I had it figured out - Lain was an aftereffect of the Kensington experiment, coalesced out of that explosive release of psychic energy (This would be true if I ever write Serial Experiments Evangelion, with Sub-Commander Hodgeson up there on the bridge with Gendou). But then a couple of episodes later, we get into more familiar Roswell/MJ-12 territory, coming right up to date by tying IPv7 into the brew, before disappearing into the metaphysics associated with uploads, and ending with more questions than answers.

Despite that, I thought it excellent, thoughtful, and that it came to an end that supplied a fitting closure.

Also, a honourable mention for the real 'C' code in the lesson in the early episodes - even if the coding style is a little bit clumsy. I don't think there are any other titles that go even that far.

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