Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Film — The Motorcycle Diaries

Or “What I did in my gap year, by Che Guevara, age 23¾”

Middle class medical student and biochemist friend a few years older set out on a 20-year-old Norton motorbike from Buenos Aires intending to reach Venezuela via the length of the Andes. Bike breaks down in Chile. Hitching and walking, with a generous side of blagging their way as doctors specializing in leprosy treatment, the rest of the way, they see the poverty of the underclasses, and end up spending a while trying to break down the social apartheid in a church-run leper colony. Finally they reach their goal, months late. And young Ernesto is fired with a vison.

A road movie with lots of spectacular scenery, usually under leaden skies.

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