Friday, September 17, 2004


The weather becomes stormy - relics of hurricanes, riding back across the Atlantic, and the evenings close in by 19:30. So only one day cycling this week - and fortunately that wasn't the day when I ended up staying until after dark to get the build fixed for the current project. This was not helped by random failures in code-signing that look like inadvertent input into the passphrase dialog for MS signcode that pops up briefly during the build. By contrast the Mozilla/NSS signtool takes a command line argument and gave no problems.

The change of the seasons has also been reflected in increased pussy-cat appetites. Which means the orange one is in danger of becoming spherical unless coerced out to work off what he eats; and the old grey one is no longer up to helping himself to kibble, and is inordinately picky as well as full-time hungry.

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