Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Web (server) log

Real geeks run web-servers. So with the arrival of broadband, I put Linux and Apache on an old PC, and connected it up, with copies of my externally hosted sites (plus some extra stuff like more photos, and bigger binaries). And after a month I have reached a few conclusions.

There are a *lot* of web crawlers out there; and any server will have intermittent probes to see if it is IIS or an open proxy. But there is legit traffic. A lot comes from people reading pages here or on one of the old external sites with images now hosted on the local box (my father's account of his National Service in the main), a few from an entry on the FOX toolkit wiki, or from my .sigs in old Usenet postings on Google, and one from my alumni.net entry. But most come from search engines. And what a range of queries:

  • how+do+i+get+32+bit+colour+on+my+windows+98+system - picked up my freeware site
  • ravna & tines - ditto
  • tines - ditto
  • NTLM source server - ditto
  • Win32+MD5+16+Bit+Source - ditto
  • Blowfish+block+cypher - java page ditto
  • swing fade effect - ditto
  • java swing fade - ditto
  • fade to black - ditto
  • xhtml+validator+standalone+application - ditto
  • PassiveFTP - windows page ditto (from Japan, no less)
  • Gevaudan - picked up my walking holiday there from '02
  • A cat who walked cross France - picked up the same page
  • jemima cats - picked up the obligatory cat photos page
  • jemima from cats - ditto
  • Ada Walters - a picture of my great-aunt
  • Gilham - twice, one of those from Google Israel
  • Sergeant Major WWII Uniform - a picture of Great Aunt Ada's son, Fred in uniform in the family regiment
  • something unidentifiable that turned up my Eden Project photos page
  • screcrows - picked up the (now fixed) misspelt word on my page of photos from the recent vilage festival
  • chobits lemon fanfic - well, there are some sick puppies out there. Yes, I do have a page with all three words on, but not in that exact sequence.

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